Product / Bag Making Machine/GS-323FS SERIES Servo Motor Control High-Speed Side-Welding&Cutting Bag Making Machine
1.servo motor control multifuntional side-welding and cutting machine for soft-loop-handle bags die-cut-handle bags patch-handle bags and draw-tape-handle bags
2.This model is the latest technology of TGM, fully automatic control, all the designs are advanced and the ideal control parts are durable for the long-term production. The machine is proper and economic for doing various kinds of applied bags for the everyday life. The servo control system is by the easy-view monitor where you can set the speed, length, pre-set numbers, etc. The machine constructure is made of the 16mm and so it is very strong-durable. The control parts and moving automatic parts are japanese made with high quality. Therefore it is actually welcome model all over the world.



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