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TAIWAN GENEPLAST MACHINERY INC., established in 1980s, the specialist in inventing, designing, manufacturing and marketing of general plastic machinery for ovcr 20 years, has been taking the lead in TAIWAN in the field of manufacturing topply-qualified machines and has been delivering the plastic equipments of high quality to local & overseas markets to the full satisfaction of our customers till today,this has made the mark TGM well-known and welcome in this field all over the world, for which TGM has been holding Excellent Reputation, High Quality and Prompt Service".
TGM will always provide you full expert and helpful consultant in this field, and offer you the series of practical, efficient and reliable equipments. In order to satisfy the rapidly-growing need of the worldwide clients, TGM invested up to three millions US dollars to set the Technology Center and Factory Branch in the industrial city Shanghai China in 2002. Every year we invent and import many new technology equipments to use on our machinery to keep the leading position in this field worldwidely. Besides excellent reputation, high quality is our vital superiority, the machines from TGM are subject to the rigorous quality and performance testing before shipment in order to insure our customers their high performance and dependability.
TGM's technical assistance support and prompt service are provided by a excellent staff of the highly trained engineers who will always be stand-by to solve any problems for you and keep your machines running efficiently at any time. TGM's machines are designed and manufactured for the only willingness in mind to fabricate all the machines which must present the perfect performance and high production to fully meet demands of our customers. Each machine is our masterpiece through our continuous research and improvement to achieve the optimum performance. The biggest achievement is that all the spare parts have become standardized in order to replace them fastly and easily, meanwhile, TGM also makes parts to satisfy the need of the special requests and build the accurate documentation for all the sold machines in order to be of the eternal service for you all the time.

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